Do I really need to be a P3/H3?

Pilots must have a minimum pilot rating for use of the site. The minimum unrestricted rating is P3/H3.
P2/H2 pilots will be allowed unrestricted access if they are signed off by the corresponding flight director or instructor and possess a minimum of 10 hours.
A P2/H2 may fly without signoff from the flight director if an advanced pilot (P4/H4) with site knowledge is supervising each flight.  See our site protocol for more information.
And don’t forget your 2-meter radio.

As a P2/H2, how can I get a sign-off to fly?

You may contact these local commercial instructors: Speedfly Soboba West Coast Paragliding

What does it cost to fly Soboba?

A $12 one-day membership. Rides (optional) are provided by Soboba Flight Park. Cost is $10 per ride to the 650′ launch.
Soboba Soaring members can purchase discounted rides at $7 (single), $20 for a 3 pack, or $60 for a 10 pack.

What happens if I pay for the day but did not fly?

We offer a flight guarantee.

Annual membership is $75.

How about visiting instructors and tandem pilots?

All pilots, students, tandem passengers, and instructors must be Club Members and have paid either their annual or daily membership dues. Rides up the hill are $6, if they use the ride service.

What’s your radio frequency?

144.925 or 123.3.

Last Updated: April 6, 2017