Soboba Flight Park is privately owned land in San Jacinto, California, immediately off Soboba Road. The property is gated and fenced to limit access.  The flight park property is on a non-exclusive lease to Soboba Soaring flight club and is designated for flying activities. There is one grouping of buildings adjacent to the landing area that is designated as the “clubhouse”. Soboba Soaring operates out of these facilities.  The parking area is immediately adjacent to this clubhouse.

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Arrival Procedures

All pilots must check in at the clubhouse upon arrival.  The pilot’s name, USHPA number, rating, wing color and contact information are recorded on the daily log.  Non-Soboba Soaring members must complete a Day Use Agreement which includes the Soboba Soaring waiver.  Full-year members have already completed the waiver process.  All pilots must be full or temporary USHPA members.  There are USHPA 30 day temporary memberships available for pilots without a current USHPA annual membership.

Soboba is an H3/P3 rated site with options of an H2/P2 rating plus site sign off or M1/M2 rating, or student under direct instruction.  As a desert/mountain site, conditions can be quite strong and change rapidly.  In the heat of summer, mid-day launches and flying activity are shut down as conditions can be extremely turbulent and strong.  Flight training also does not continue through mid-day conditions in summer (see “Acceptable Flying Conditions”).  Strong, confident launch skills are required for the upper launches due to the steep terrain.

The Site Rules and Protocols and a graphic of the site which includes launches, no-fly zones and hazards, are posted at the check-in area of the clubhouse.  The site frequency is 144.925 or 123.3 and is monitored at the clubhouse.  The clubhouse also contains a stocked first aid kit.

Flight parks featuring excellent mini-wing flying opportunities receive many inquiries and visits from unrated pilots each year.  Often these pilots claim hundreds of hours of flight experience.  However, these unrated pilots represent a disproportionate risk of accident due to inadequate or incomplete training.  As a result, Soboba Soaring is no longer permitting unrated pilots to fly the site, even with a 30 day USHPA membership.  Instead, they are directed to training programs to obtain at least a USHPA “P2” rating.

Spectators can enjoy watching flight activity from a covered lounge area, adjacent to the clubhouse and the grassy breakdown area.  Signage has been posted directing spectators to remain clear of the actual landing area.

Launch Information

Landing Zone Information

Acceptable Flying Conditions



Clearing the Air

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