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    Rich Kennedy completed the installation of the weather station near the 650′ launch and made it available to view data on the Internet…

    Current / Today’s charts.

    Bravo Rich, this will be very usefull !


    Reminder: Launchable does not mean flyable since this station (and the 650′ launch) are 1/3 up the SW face of the mountain and sheltered from over-the-back (NE) wind. You can use the following station to check that wind does not have a North or East component (2013/7/23 example):


    From this posting

    Live weather data coming in from the 650′ launch.. (KCASANJA7)


    I am happy, yet somewhat skeptical, to report that we actually have live weather data coming off the hill making it’s way to the internet.

    what we have is a weather station next to the 650′ launch, with a long range repeater sending the data over the wash to Darrel’s house, were it is being monitored and sent to the internet using a Raspberry Pi running WeeWX, and Darrel’s internet connection.

    the skeptical part comes from the fact that this was all just installed last night and I am sure we will have some issues to work out. we lost data transmission over night and I’m not sure why but today we are getting data again.

    so, please be aware that this is all pretty beta right now, if it stops working we will be on it trying to fix things and make this a stable service, so be paitent. for now I am stoked that we are able to get data off the hill and to the internet.

    oh yeah, the all important URL:

    I posted a pic of the station in the photo gallery…

    enjoy,  Rich


    Rich is less skeptical today (source)….

    ok, so after a solid day of data recording and sending to the internet I am feeling a lot better about our new weather station. I believe that the late hour which I installed the repeated meant the solar panel didn’t have enough time to charge the [capacitors] inside the unit, and therefore couldn’t maintain dx overnight.
    Today we had a solid day of charge into the repeater and we are still getting data past 11:30pm local time. it should go until morning when the sun takes over supplying power again. something we have in constant supply out at Soboba is photons from the sun.
    [snip: flight report]


    The weather station has proven itself to be very usefull.
    Rich plans to make the information updates every minute, instead of every 10 minutes, for more detailed variations.
    Thank you Rich !


    Rich is aware that the station stopped reporting yesterday (Saturday, Nov 23) at 8:30am.
    Hopefully, there will be a simple resolution.


    It seems to be working again.


    Rich adds…
    “Outputting data every 60 seconds now”.
    Thank you Rich !



    good information, thank Rich and Jerome.

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