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    Many have asked me: What surface will you put on top of the new training hill ?
    Ideas I have heard…
    Leave the surface as dirt, just smooth it out. This will be the default solution. No cost, no problem with high wind. But wings will get dusty/dirty.
    Grass & sprinklers. Unlikely, added maintenance and watering cost.
    Astro turf / artificial grass. This has been used at sites around the world, problem is that it is expensive and needs to be held down in strong winds.
    Carpeting. Needs to be held down in high wind. May deteriorate under the elements. Some expense.
    Spread a layer of fine gravel. This gravel will move and have bare spots. Also, it may act like marbles when inflating a wing.
    Give me your idea, it may be a winner.
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    I’m glad to report that final shaping of the new training hill has started today, with Allen leading this phase.



    The photos new training hill


    Jean-Noel asked me to post these pictures for him, that he took yesterday (March 3).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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