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    This afternoon I worked with Jean-Noel towards making a new trailer out of the new frame that Darrel purchased, combined with a salvaged wooden box from an old one.

    The only things left to do for it to be usable:
    a) Weld the axle bar at the middle (already cut to length today).
    b) 4 bolts with rounded flat head, for attaching the sliding end of the leaf spring.


    Darrel past for weld and buy 4 bolts.



    Thanks for posting the pictures of our work Jean-Noel, this trailer should restore transportation for our immediate needs.
    Bob is also working on repairing the 2nd trailer.
    And Darrel’s son is building a completely new one, where the balloon tires serve as suspension (instead of overly-stiff leaf springs).
    Nice to see so many helping to keep Soboba in good shape.
    – Jerome


    Good news…
    Jean-Noel says that we have an operational trailer.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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