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    Forecast was for cloudiness and building afternoon wind, so I waited on the 800′ launch with Edmond for the right time.
    I launched around 4 pm and although the wind was not strong I got lifted before being to turn around, then 600 fpm up until pas the mountain top.
    Surprisingly wind was not strong (9-10 mph) but widespread huge lift everywhere, even 2+ miles in front.
    I reached 5200′ MSL and flew over 1.5 hour.
    About 5 miles to the West was the smoggy air from the other side of the convergence, but in front and towards the South, much clearer.
    Edmond, JW, David also had good flights. And student Priscilla had her first ever 30 min flight.
    Evening food and campfire added to the good atmosphere.

    Attached images: Looking back at the mountain. Looking at my house and growing development.



    That’s awesome Jerome! Not bad for a Feb flight, too bad I couldn’t make out. And congrats to Priscilla!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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