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    My first impresion of a Baofeng UV-B5 radio that can be purchased for $47 (no typo) including shipping…


    I charged it. This can be done with the whole radio or battery alone on its charging stand.

    I programmed it to Soboba frequency (all 21 preset channels) of 144.925.

    Then I locked it (avoids changing frequency) by holding the Menu button.


    For far I like it:

    Nice display with battery charge level on nice LCD screen. It also “talks” to you, echoing your operations.

    Loud volume.

    Menu button and corresponding option on LCD screen (intuitive).

    Fits easily inside school radio holders we have. ON/OFF dial button easy to access with radio holders we have.

    It seems to have the option to be voice-activated to transmit (I left that disabled).

    Hopefully they are robust too. Time will tell.


    Got to test it this morning with a speed flying student.

    It worked well and was loud enough while speed flying.

    Fantastic value. Hopefully, it will prove to be durable.


    Still working good after some student abuse and today someone peeling of the PTT rubber cover and contacts thinking it could be the microphone connector.


    The manual has been copied online:
    My notes on doing the basics…
    Lock/Unlock keypad:
    Hold the MENU key
    Set a frequency:
    Press Up or Down top keys to select one of 21 stored frequencies, line “One”.
    Press VM/SCAN key until you get “Frequency mode”
    Eneter frequency, like 144925
    Press & hold VM/SCAN again to store the frequency, then another press to confirm
    Press VM/SCAN key to return to “Channel mode”
    To change frequency on lower/upper row of display
    Press the AB key
    Ajust squelch:
    Press MENU, then Up/Down until found SQL (item 2).
    Press AB, then Up/Down to adjust
    Press AB to confirm


    This radio now sell for $31 at Amazon, including tax and delivery:
    Pofung is the new company name for Baofeng:
    The battery capacity is better than that of other (more expensive) models…
    Baofeng/Pofung UV-B5 ($31, 1800 mAh)
    Yaesu FT-270 ($164, 1400 mAh)
    Yaesu VX-6R ($235, 1400 mAh)
    Yaesu VX-8R ($369, 1100 mAh)
    My Yaesu VX-6R went bad recently (reception problem), and I’m getting one of these instead tomorrow.

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