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    Police has specifically asked that we do not post online the name of the person who died this afternoon.

    Investigation by the coroner is still underway, and completion of the rescue operation will resume tomorrow morning around 8:30-9:00 am. No flying until this is completed.

    Please refrain from speculation, we will post what we can when permitted. Thank you.


    Police has not yet given permission to release the name. Best to wait a few days to be sure family has been notified.

    OK to fly again, as all crews have left today in early afternoon.


    The coroner said we can now release the name: Paul Borne.


    This is a simplified description of the events (a more detailed report from witnesses is being processed and sent to USHPA)…

    Paul launched around 1:30 pm on 2012/11/25 from the “high tension” launch (not typical for paragliders). Wing: Swing Arcus 6 size 26. Harness: Paratech D2.

    Conditions on launch: Strong cross wind from NW (sideways along mountain face), some favorable moments for launching.

    After flying about 9 minutes, doing “passes”, his wing collapsed while he was close to power lines.

    The wing’s lines contacted/pushed the power lines, which produced a flash. The electric company recorded the event at 1:39 pm.

    All lines connecting the pilot to his wing were severed. Later inspection did not reveal melting as the cutting mechanism, but abrasion instead, typical if slipping on slanted support.

    He dropped about 60′ to the ground, then rolled down and stopped short of a much steeper grade.

    Paul’s final location was close to his launch point.

    2 other people were on launch and started attending to Paul and placing a phone call for help.

    Rescue personnel described his condition as: Conscious, chest injuries and low blood pressure (indicator of blood loss). Condition downgraded, CPR was performed, and his death was recorded as 3:01 pm.

    Coroner needed to investigate the scene but this was not possible before nighttime, so they completed the next morning and removed his body.

    On 2012/11/27, police said his brother has been notified.


    What can we learn…

    Paul had the habit of taking on more risk than most and hoped to offset the risk by flying a lower-rated wing. He recently set a new site record:


    But this time, flying in obvious unfavorable conditions had a fatal ending.

    Thanks to all those who assisted.


    If there is a plan for a gathering, this is a good place to announce it.


    Paul was 52 and he will be missed,



    Jeff Boehler

    My condolences to the Brothers & Sisters of  the Soboba flying Family…

    Paul is remembered & will be missed by many!




    Memorial for Paul this Saturday (follow the link).


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