Acceptable Flying Conditions

Soboba mountain faces SW and requires close to straight in SW winds for soaring conditions. Safe flying conditions are possible with winds anywhere from NW to S, depending on the launch being used. Thermal activity is present starting at noon just about every day. In winter months the thermals are mild and it is possible to fly through the entire day, but in the spring and summer it is necessary to stop all flying between 11:00 and three hours prior to sunset.

Typically winds are calm in the mornings until 10:00, and steadily rise to 10 mph by noon. Afternoon winds range from 10­-15 mph. There are multiple windsocks on the mountain at each launch and on pinnacles and knobs on the mountain face, as high up as 1500’ above the LZ. There is a wind talker at the 650 launch which we use as our primary indicator of wind speeds.

The 2200’ height of Soboba Mountain blocks mild Santa Ana winds from the East for the first half of the day. These conditions, which occur in the winter months, are known well ahead of time and flights stop as soon as signs of the E winds moving it at the upper launches (1200 and 1500’ windsocks) are observed. It is a very slow transition from light to strong winds.

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